History of Old Tauntonian Lodge No. 5735.

Old School Freemasonry began in 1879 but it wasn’t until 1938 that Old Tauntonian Lodge was consecrated and 1968 when it was invited to join the Public School Lodges’ Council. In 2013 it celebrated its 75th Anniversary.

The world has changed significantly over those 75 years but one thing has not changed; the immense enjoyment, camaraderie and pleasure derived by the Brethren of Old Tauntonian Lodge from everything they do.

We are indeed indebted to VW Bro Roger Jago for his wonderfully comprehensive and interesting history of the Lodge spanning the years 1938 to the present day which can be found here.

The great public schools including Taunton have always strived to provide their students with a broad, liberal education and the Lodge looks to bring the Masonic message to the young men emanating from its Alma Mater. That is what this website is all about.